About The Mission

Curators of live.love.learnIntroducing the new high vibe, You-Blog, free thinkers-thinktank, platform for conscious content. WELLL is a place where consciousness can spread like wildfire and permeate the Earth with truth. This platform will assist in expanding our view of the world and ourselves, and to illustrate and prove the prevalent dialogue taking place concerning behind the scene truth in all aspects of our lives. It will also lift the veil on what has been hidden for centuries from esoteric knowledge to modern day circumstances and the etymology and linguistics to decode it all.  We hope to share numerous aspects of conscious awakening, all things fringe, and all things that heal.

With love, support, and encouragement, it will serve as a means to activate your full potential. It will also aid you in becoming an expert of Self. We invite you to let your knowledge be known. We look forward to you being a part of the solution!

WELLL’s intention is to move you to ACT NOW for the good of yourself and humanity. This site is about you, me, us, and the facts of how we are all connected. There’s a movement of conscious awareness that has begun from 2012 to the present but, has been known for eons. The Mayans were not predicting the end of the world but, the end of an era, by the way.

Thanks to the innovation of the internet, more and more are waking up due to those coming forth with their expertise in esoteric knowledge, science, and health. People in higher places having a guilty conscious of things they know are not true and just, are getting more comfortable sharing through alternative media outlets. This then provides us with more than enough passion and knowledge to help create a community and speed this movement of consciousness across the globe. The powers that be are restricted to monetary influence and fear based tactics.  It is time to stand up for ourselves and our children before it is too late. The power is in numbers, not currency, as we are led to believe.  WE CAN BE THE CHANGE NEEDED! We love you all, Wholeness!