Another Vegan Traveling Experience

I just had to comment on a recent personal experience. One would assume choosing a vegan diet is very easy. I believe it’s the best way to treat your body and all living beings on this planet. However, it can be very difficult while traveling and in the company of others that do not choose the same lifestyle. Outside of consistent and inhumane treatment of animals for eating and pleasure, and setting aside necessity for gluttony, being Vegan in this world is quite complicated. Contrary to the thoughts of fruits and vegetables being scarce, animal bi-products at minimum are infiltrated throughout our food systems and communities.

Recently on a trip to see family, I learned this initially while traveling to my destination. While only a full day’s drive, I chose to take minimal supplies on the road to lighten the load, figuring I could stop somewhere along the ride for food and resources. I was sadly mistaken outside of vegan junk food (fries, chips etc) which was not the plan. Even every location where a salad was offered, dairy or meat was incorporated in some fashion. I was not very interested in spending money on a good size salad (minus everything) but the lettuce please lol.

Lesson one among many to come I’m sure: Pack your own vegan travel snacks & food for the road EVERY-TIME. In hind sight, some great snacks would’ve been Nuts (Walnuts, Pecans, Almonds, Brazilian etc); Fruit (Grapes, Orange, Apples, Raisins, Dried Bananas etc); Kale chips, Brown Rice Cakes, Trail mix, Roasted Chic Peas, Oatmeal bites, and the list goes on. This may not sound appetizing to the ear initially but, you will learn to appreciate new foods and reap the benefits of better health and energy in the future, which are guaranteed. Needless to say, without these options available, stops were kept at a minimum until I got to my destination.

Very hungry upon arrival, some of the older generations just do not get it and are programmed to trust what they’ve been taught outside of common logic. While being excellent hosts, the food was unfortunately still an issue in accordance to our vegan diet. Trust me, when we were meat eaters I held no prejudice to any food as long as it was still not moving (lol). I ate almost anything and always cleaned my plate – if not looking for seconds, basically eating past full. Now, I understand that my need for seconds was due to the fact that my body wasn’t getting the nutrients it needed that fruits and vegetables actually provided.

The Vegan Diet is very simple in actuality. We eat no animals, nothing from animals or anything derived from an animal. Along with the snacks I’ve mentioned already, we enjoy Soy products; some vegans eat Tofurky meat-like substitutes; Oats, Grains, Brown Rice; Almond or Hemp Milk; Edamame; Seeds (sunflower, flax, pumpkin etc); Quinoa, and again the list goes on longer than you’d think. This earth alone provides everything we need to live harmoniously with it. One would really be surprised by the wide range of foods available if you were to look beyond the polarized & programmed way of thinking that we’re lead to believe is healthy and necessary for a good diet.

Throughout the rest of our stay, it was quiet humorous how often we were asked: “Can you eat this?”, “You can eat that right?” Just as often, it was unnerving how often the answer was no. It is crazy how often our food industry has forced us and engulfed our resources. Yet we are still questioning who the culprit is regarding obesity across the globe. Follow the money.

Now I would never point the finger at someone or blame anybody for their eating choices but, I can let you know first hand how going vegan has changed my life for the better. I also feel better than ever! This trip was also a good coaching experience to enlighten our family. To trade this decision in place for a Frankenmeat hamburger or GMO steak is an easy decision. If studies show the healthiest beings on this earth ate little to no meat in their diet it should really speak volumes to the masses. A lesson I’m appreciative to learn now than later is so very true. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

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