Conscious Media Festival Photos Austin, Texas 2017



Thanks to the collaborations of founder Giselle Koy, Gaia‘s Regina Meredith, Sevan Bomar of, and other speakers in attendance, in Austin, TX, March, 3rd-5th, the Conscious Media Festival’s first annual gathering of conscious creators was had and very much the success anticipated it would be.

Many came together to network and brainstorm on ways to raise consciousness through re-purposing the many forms of media (, animation, music, art, film, video games, VR, AI, & technology).

The energy was through the roof throughout this three-day workshop. Many friendships were created. David and I are already looking forward to attending next year’s Conscious Media Festival.

Sorry so late in uploading photos! 🙂

If you’re interested in learning more and thinking of possibly attending next year, you can visit and follow along with updates through their Facebook page.







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