Guess What? You’re Still Drinking Fluoride!


Are you one of the “four out of ten Americans” using a standard retail water filter brand to eliminate fluoride, chlorine and all the other sediment and contaminants from your tap water? Well, think again! Here’s a revelation we had while shopping for a filtration system for our kitchen sink.

The Kicker

My husband and I are avid users of a major retail water filtration pitcher (I won’t mention the name), making sure we’re doing what we can to eliminate- or at least control- the chemicals we absorb. We decided to go a step further and sought to purchase a sink attachment that filtrates. After watching a documentary, “Fluoride: Poison On Tap”, a few nights before, we’ve become more aware of the dangers of fluoride and how truly serious the matter is. So while shopping at our local Walmart, we started to compare brands. Like any intelligent consumer, we decided to not only go based on what’s said on the box but, what’s inside the box, and read the brochure to see if fluoride was also filtered. I don’t know why we were surprised to find that it wasn’t. Through our ten minutes of researching all the brochures of other brands, we saw that not only the biggest brand but, ALL others available for retail purchase filtered out everything BUT fluoride!

We then whipped out our phones and commenced to Googling and learned that fluoride can’t even be boiled out of our water! It only strengthens its potency. So, here’s what we learned about fluoride and how to curb our intake and absorption of fluoride.

 Origins of Fluoride

Not too many are familiar with what fluoride is. And if they are aware, they only know that it’s in toothpaste and not aware that it’s in their municipal waters, nor do they know the sinister history behind it. Back in the 1800’s, fluoride was originally invented and used in households to exterminate rats and insects. But then, incidents started popping up in the local newspapers of human poisonings from its use. Now, also happening around that time was the factory industry boom. So, companies like ALCOA Aluminum saw this as an opportunity to mass produce this insecticide, which now became a pollutant. So to cover their asses, ALCOA also had a scientific institute of their very own under their belt, thanks to ALCOA Founder and major stockholder Andrew W. Melon. This industry-funded institute was is also founded by Mr. Melon and was called The Melon Institute and provided other corporations, as well as ALCOA Aluminum, the scientific data needed to defend themselves against lawsuits. This documentary is very extensive in illustrating the snowball history of fluoride and how AND why it entered our water system.

And So It Begins!

Through The Melon Institute, they were able to contrive scientific articles illustrating fluoride’s benefit to fight against tooth decay. Later, one of their scientists from The Melon Institute, Dr. Gerald J. Cox, came up with the cockamamie idea to start putting it into the public water supply. This propaganda was a segway from the fact of fluoride being a poison and environmental hazard to now being promoted as a health benefit, all due to their so-called “scientific data”.

The first experiments on humans on a mass scale began in Grand Rapids, MI. Fluoride began being dumped into the public water supply and compared to the town’s rates of tooth decay (7:30). And as you continue to watch, you learn (unbeknownst to many throughout history) fluoride was a major legal concern among those in the industries who developed the atomic bomb program. Thanks to The Manhattan Project, fluoride was a main component of the atomic bomb!


The Hidden Agenda of WHY We’d Be Tested On In This Way

Hell, many ways! Like pharmaceuticals and the food we eat… But we’re talking about your water and all the ways they’re screwing with it.  Now, you’ve heard of the pineal gland, right? Neither have I until I woke up!  I found that the pineal gland is an area in the center of our brain that produces melatonin and manages our rhythm and sleep cycles.  Something else I also learned- and find very interesting, is it’s esoteric connection to many cultures like the Egyptians and it’s symbology displayed in many ancient and sacred locations as the pine cone. Historically, the pineal gland has been linked to the third eye.





Historical monuments illustrating the pine cone to symbolize the pineal gland.


Now, I’m going off on a tangent here! But hopefully, you’re getting where I’m going with this.  The facts are that this is VERY relevant and all ties in but, it’s probably too soon to start introducing this stuff within this article. What I’m leading onto- which may boggle your mind, is that there’s some sort of hidden agenda, a dumbing-down of the masses and it’s due to the abilities that are innate within our makeup or anatomy such as the pineal gland.

Looking at the research and following the money and influence, you’ll begin to see a pattern of disclosure. In looking at the scientific/medical research, we find a plethora of evidence illustrating what the truth really is. At this point and time in our era, there’s a lot of proof that we’re importing chemicals & fluoride for our demand at home. Where from, you’re wondering? Your guess is as good as mine! What I do know is that ALL should be taking the precautions to the best of our ability in order to limit this chemical infiltration on humanity. Although we are still on the search for a complete filtration system for showers (the skin is, the largest organ in our body) at least the shower filter we do have, eliminates a lot of issues and chlorine etc etc. Ourselves included will be getting a reverse osmosis machine & balancing our intake of (filtered) water along with distilled water which is much cleaner but does need to be supplemented just a bit if considering using distilled water only. People, Com on, fluoride is good for your teeth? I’ve been using Tom’s fluoride free toothpaste for a while now and have not had any dental issues at all. In closing, question everything, believe in thyself as you are your are your own greatest asset until you give that power away & trust 100% in others that are supposed to have your best interests at heart.  You know your body better than any doctor ever will – Listen to it! Wholeness brothers and sisters and please feel free to comment if you have anything to share.

Although we are still on the search for a complete filtration system for showers (folks tend to forget the skin is the largest organ of our body), at least the shower filter we do have eliminates a lot of harmful sediment:


  • Chlorine – the chemical element of atomic number 17, a toxic, irritant, pale green gas.
  • Chloramine – an organic compound containing a chlorine atom bonded to nitrogen, especially any of a group of sulfonamide derivatives used as antiseptics and disinfectants.
  • Mercury – the chemical element of atomic number 80, a heavy silvery-white metal that is liquid at ordinary temperatures.
  • Copper – a red-brown metal, the chemical element of atomic number 29.
  • Lead – is a chemical element with atomic number 82 and symbol Pb
  • (PCBsPolychlorinated biphenyls –  is a group of organic compounds used in the manufacture of plastics, as lubricants, and dielectric fluids in transformers, in the protective coating for wood, metal and concrete, and in adhesives, wire coating and so forth.
  • Arsenic – the chemical element of atomic number 33, a brittle steel-gray metalloid.
  • Perchlorates – are the salts derived from perchloric acid—in particular when referencing the polyatomic anions found in solution, perchlorate is often written with the formula ClO− 4. Though produced by natural processes, the preponderance of perchlorates on Earth are produced commercially.
  • Dioxin – a highly toxic compound produced as a byproduct in some manufacturing processes, notably herbicide production and paper bleaching. It is a serious and persistent environmental pollutant.
  • (DDT) Dynamic Debugging Technique – a synthetic organic compound used as an insecticide. Like other chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons, DDT tends to persist in the environment and become concentrated in animals at the head of the food chain. Its use is now banned in many countries.
  • (HCB’s) Hexachlorobenzene – is a white crystalline solid which doesn’t occur naturally.  Hexachlorobenzene was widely used as a pesticide until 1965. It was also used to make fireworks, ammunition, and synthetic rubber.
  • MTBE – is a volatile, flammable, and colorless liquid that is sparingly soluble in water. It has a minty odor vaguely reminiscent of diethyl ether, leading to unpleasant taste and odor in water. MTBE is a gasoline additive, used as an oxygenate to raise the octane number.
  • Dacthal – a man-made organic chemical and does not occur naturally, it’s use has declined significantly over the course of the 1990s in response to concerns about groundwater contamination (especially for one of the Dacthal degradates).  Dacthal has been found at generally low levels in both surface and groundwater in various parts of the country.


Resources, What to Look For, and Options Available Depending on Living Situation

What we found to be the panacea of filtration systems are a reverse osmosis machine and a counter top distillation water system. Distilled water- which is much cleaner, does need to be supplemented just a bit if considering using distilled water only. It needs to be remineralized.

So, depending on your living situation, whether you’re a homeowner, renter, or homesteader/off-gridder, here are some known strategies to avoiding intake and exposure to fluoride:

  • Do not use toothpaste with fluoride in it!  Despite the lies we’ve been told that it’s good for your teeth- although not ingested, would defeat the purpose 100% if you were to brush your teeth with what you’re wanting to eliminate from your drinking and bathing water.  Tom’s toothpaste is a great option and with several years of use personally, my teeth have not suffered a bit. (Side note: 3% hydrogen peroxide and baking soda t)o not only clean but also whiten your teeth.)
  • Eliminate or minimize your exposure and ingestion of unfiltered tap water.
  • Whole house or primary sink reverse osmosis machine (it’s fairly easy to install yourself or have a professional install it.
  • Use a Floride filtration shower head as your skin is the body’s largest organ and which needs the protection on a daily basis.
  • Do not swim in pools as the chlorine and other chemicals infiltrate the skin and start to break it down instantly.
  • Drink Alkaline water and strengthen your immune system by eating clean, live, and healthy fruits and vegetables on a consistent basis to further Alkalize the body.

In closing, question everything, believe in thyself as you are your own greatest asset until you give that power away & trust 100% in others that are supposed to have your best interests at heart.  You know your body better than any doctor ever will – Listen to it! Wholeness brothers and sisters and please feel free to comment if you have anything to share.

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