Does Hemp Deserve the Stigma Or Is It Just Undervalued?


This goes further than your cool hemp necklace. Tree’s and mass production have pushed this very valuable, resourceful and efficient plant aside and gave it an unjust stigma associated with another form of its use. Hemp has been a natural plant and grown for 12,000 years +, one acre of hemp produces 4 times more paper than one acre of trees! This could eliminate the need to chop down BILLIONS of trees. With the length of time it takes for trees to grow (20 – 50 years) – within 4 months after it is planted, hemp grows 10 to 20 feet tall and can be harvested. A switch to hemp would lead to much less pollution. The logic in our ways is a blatant giveaway on why this world is in the shape it is in. The original uses of hemp have been for paper, textiles, food, plastic substitutes, paint, and numerous others. The real question is why has this not been explored in the new millennium? Or is it because of the fact that it will put several (BIG BUSINESS) industries in jeopardy and on the brink of collapse. Not to mention the numerous benefits of its sister use of marijuana which is known as a proven treatment for anxiety, seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis and several other long-term diseases that plague the earth (I don’t think BIG PHARMA is too keen on that).

Recent rediscoveries have shown the enormous environmental, economic and commercial potential it can provide the earth. Just think of the impact if we as a planet were to revert back to its original uses and gave a chance for our vegetation and trees to breath and flourish again, non-interrupted outside of man made uses. Hemp based paper can be recycled several more times than paper produced by trees. Hemp is naturally resistant to most pests, which will prevent the need for pesticides (This would not be good for big chemical manufacturer profits). In this electronic age, the use of paper (in one example) is not nearly as necessary in many circumstances – other than to fuel large corporations that exploit it. Not to mention the perpetual use of the cash cow Cotton commodity which 50% of all the world’s pesticides are sprayed on currently.

Hemp as a plant and its uses has gone from hero to zero in several scenarios which really make no sense given the facts. Hemp vs. wood fiber can help save forests for watershed, wildlife, oxygen production and (reduces global warming) to name just a few benefits. Perhaps this would be a better start to help control “global warming” vs. geoengineering which is what seems to be an excuse for a larger picture if you ask me. Hemp paper was even used to draft the Declaration of Independence as a start, and several presidents grew the plant prior to its prohibition. Although hemp has been prohibited in the United States since the 1950’s – Industrial hemp has an extremely low THC content – Smoking it as an excuse of its non-activity is null and void considering smoke inhalation would likely kill you first to achieve the same influence of pot. Marijuana has a THC content 6 – 40% or higher than that of hemp.

Hemp fibers are also longer, stronger and much more weather resistant than cotton. Authorities and service man and women spend countless hours and resources$ with its excuse and mistaken belief they are helping to stop drug use. Here’s a kicker, Rudolph Diesel designed an engine to run on hemp oil (Could this pose a threat to black gold and large oil companies? = I think it would not help profit ;-). Outside the box thinking of the numerous benefits of hemp and the minimal drawbacks helps me conclude this piece. The prohibition of hemp is most definitely a threat to Big business which continues to sink its teeth into the human race. Bottom line, products that can be made from hemp numbers over 20,000. Instead of feeding the beast and making man-made resolutions to today’s problems, I suggest working intelligently with what we have and eliminate solutions made by big business to a more sensible solution.

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