Here’s The Smoking Gun to Today’s Problems

2017! So many innovations and discoveries that brought us here to so-call ‘better humanity’ but, little to no true impact. Have you ever wondered- with all this money, power, new discoveries in science, technology, and medicine- why are there still nations going hungry, an epidemic of homelessness, disease, and sickness, with little to no room for advancement beyond what is allowed by the current system?  There is no problem with one’s personal drive, goals, ideas, direction etc. etc. but, this video will illustrate the spiral of greed that has become the social norm felt all across the globe.  There are many people in power that disguise their services and cause as good deeds and beneficial to society.  When you look around, it’s on the contrary. Our belief is that this video will not only explain the origin of this system of things but, will also prove the nefarious intentions of a systematically failing program enacted to only benefit the few.


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